A Fall Wreath From The Woods

Fall Wreath

A fall wreath from the woods

This fall we decided we would enjoy displaying a wreath outside our home.  We struggle to enjoy trips into town to make purchases of any sort, and we wanted our fall wreath to provide warming feelings of love and compassion. Since we are reluctant to buy into the commercialism of the holiday season, we set out in the woods just beyond our backyard to create a wreath from scratch.

Destined to make a wreath, we set out with a hatchet, a set of pruning sheers, and our two dogs. With a brief survey of the woods from the yard we saw the red, purple, gold, and shades of green we wanted our wreath to project. The dogs were told to wander on away from the swinging hatchet, while a three foot pine sapling was de-limbed and cut down to provide the base of the wreath. Those materials were woven together, and left to the side. We proceeded to walk the woods with the dogs finding holly, dried gold and purple leaves still on branches, and plenty of bright red dried poke berries . These were harvested, and walked back to the wreath to be woven in place.

We did not keep track of time, but we did love the process of making our wreath. We got to learn more about our woods, provided our dogs with exercise, and our fall wreath provides us with the warming feeling of love when we pass by due to the great experience of making it ourselves.